Workplace management

Create a clear overview of all your employees distributed across all departments in your company. Always up-to-date and fully customized to each personal time schedule.

Shift planning
and rostering

Our shift planning software overcomes the challenges of executing shift planning and rostering using spreadsheets and allows you to design shift patterns that align with demand and capacity forecasts.
VERSATILEPlan rolling work rosters and shifts – from days to years.​
ROBUST​Provide company-wide visibility to resource capacity and planning​.
ADAPTIVEView assignments and schedule your staff from different views​.

Workplace demand
and capacity planning

Chroligo’s workplace demand solution improves efficiency and productivity by constantly optimizing your staffing levels for different workplaces and assembly lines.
Assigning personnel according to their skills enables you to place operators where they will be most effective, reduce training costs, and maintain complete production capacity during critical periods, such as vacations or peak seasons.
PERFORMANTMaximize throughput on bottleneck resources and avoid over/under staffing
USER FRIENDLY​Easy to assign capacity and move assignments for assembly lines with drag & drop​
SMARTQuickly find and contact a substitute worker to fill a cancellation​


Keep an eye on your structure and monitor daily performance. Know exactly how many employees are working each day, at which workplace, and assembly line. Use Business Intelligence to monitor, analyze and adapt where needed.
ENHANCE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE​Target productivity, efficiency and wellbeing gains​
INCREASE FLEXIBILITY​Anticipates and responds quickly to change​Anticipates and responds quickly to change​
CUSTOMIZED REPORTING​Integration with different BI solution providers​
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