Chroligo .

The all-in-one solution

for manufacturing workplace management


Group 19

Workplace management

An overview of all your employees distributed across all departments.

Group 24

Easy payroll with our embedded HR automation software.

Group 25

Self-service application

The Chroligo mobile app with a personal account for every employee.

Why Chroligo

The workers now have a more transparent view and direct access to relevant information.

Long story short, an IT tool that truly supports the business.
Julien Wart, COO Sprimoglass

Mobile Employee App

Extra hour bucket
For the workers, it's important to have a clear view of their extra hour bucket in order to plan recuperation days or ask to be paid before the end of the month.
Holiday requests
The app enables the workers to make a holiday request and follow tracks of their request for approbation (or not). The yearly company holidays are also predefined in the app.
Preview planning
For workers working in shifts, it's also easier to have a clear preview of their upcoming planning in the week to come.
The application, available to our staff, gives them daily access to a range of useful data (holiday balances, work schedules, time sheets).

This is a plus for improving the employee experience, but also a gain in the administrative work of the HR teams, who used to spend a lot of time answering these kinds of questions.
HR Department, Sprimoglass

Personal Customer Service

We ensure that you receive the exceptional assistance you deserve. Chroligo offers several resources where you can find answers about our product components. Receive help whenever you have questions, encounter problems or are confronted with any other challenges.
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