A slightly more comprehensive overview of how Chroligo gets implemented in your business.
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Implementation Kick-Off

Your Implementation Manager will contact you shortly and support you in implementing your company structure and processes in Chroligo in the best possible way.
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Setup of the Organisations

Configure organisations, departments and workplaces
Set up the organisations with different plants, departments, workplaces and production lines.

Import employee data
The personnel data of all your employees are imported and you have a good understanding of how to use the digital employee file. Define blue and .. colar employees, planning skills, and other employee related data.

Setup of the HR Management

Define salaries and payroll
Historical and current data of fixed salaries, hourly wages, bonuses as well as special payments and additional compensations (recurring) are imported.  Configure billing periods, social secretary integration, overtime payment policies and other payroll settings in order to generate the monthly payroll export. 

Configure and assign working hour schedules
Create working hour schedules and assigned to each employee which is necessary to correctly calculate attendance times, absence time accruals and saleries.

Configure absence types and accrual policies
All absence types, such as paid vacation, sick days, business travel, ... and custome types are available and the rules for accrual policies (e.g. for paid vacation) are assigned to employees.

Setup of the Workplace Management

Import your workplaces and assembly lines
To set up the organisation and plant structure. Configure workplaces by defining skills, training and certificates to enable smart capacity planning and boost productivity to plan trainings.

Assigning personnel
To workplaces according to their skills and maintain complete production capacity.

Setup of Shift Planning

Design shift patterns
That align with demand and capacity forecasts and easily link them to work places, department and employee work rosters from days to years.
Chroligo is a modern tool that provides me with a peace of mind that planning is under control.

I want the right amount of skilled people per department to avoid extra cost while ensuring the production targets.

On top of that, the management has more ownership on the planning and the productivity targets.
Julien Wart, COO Sprimoglass