HR management

Take care of your employees by respecting their attendances and absences, so they are paid fully correctly. Easy payroll with our embedded HR automation software.

Time attendances & Absence management

Easily create variable or fixed work schedules and link them to your employees to manage complex work schedules.


They can keep track of employee availability, undertime, overtime and absences, allowing the scheduler to incorporate any employee requests.

When the work schedule is finished, it can be shared by email or viewed using the mobile app.

Time Tracking

Track Time Easier by integrate your schedule with the time clock and reduce labor costs.


It brings power and efficiency to your business and enables real-time insight into which employees are clocked in and what the current labor costs are.

If an employee forgets to clock in or out, their registered hours can always be adjusted manually.
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Multiple terminal solutions

Our Terminal solutions makes payroll easy, controls labor costs and supports multiple hardware suppliers and verification methods, including face recognition, finger scan, keychain, card or pin code.

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Overtime & undertime management

Overtime and undertime show the difference between the registered hours and the contract hours. This balance is tracked, calculated automatically, and can be viewed per day and cumulatively. Manual calculation of plus and minus hours is a thing of the past!

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Customized surcharges

Surcharges are easily calculated in the system according to your collective labor agreement or business rules. After conditions are set, the software will automatically manage any surcharges for each shift in your schedule with automatic rounding and break calculation.

It’s a real company tool, which has the advantage of centralizing all the information, where in the past, management was carried out through different tools.

The reliability of the information is therefore much better, and so are the related reports.
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Payroll automation

Incorporate automation of payroll into your workplace processes and combine all the employees’ time tracking, overtime, leave, and holiday data directly by using our HR automation software.


When tax codes change, our payroll automation systems can help account for those changes automatically.