Why Chroligo

Both HR departments and employees can always consult the most recent working schedule. All other information such as holidays, overtime,… is included in the overview.

Improve performance
& Boost efficiency

Avoid under-staffing, over-staffing and unnecessary overtime
Chroligo ensures that shift patterns and rosters are always aligned to fluctuating demand and availability.
Chroligo is a modern tool that provides me with a peace of mind that planning is under control.

I want the right amount of skilled people per department to avoid extra cost while ensuring the production targets.

On top of that, the management has more ownership on the planning and the productivity targets.
Julien Wart, COO Sprimoglass

Increase Employee satisfaction

Next level
The implementation of Chroligo will take your manufacturing operations to the next level of production efficiency by taking advantage of the operational data.
Chroligo gives ownership to managers in their workforce management. They are involved in the planning of their teams, but also in the follow-up of their absences or the validation of their overtime.

This tool puts the responsibility at the right level of the organization and saves a lot of time for the HR teams; they no longer waste time searching for all the right information.
HR Department, Sprimoglass