Beside the HR platform, every employee has a personal account on the Chroligo app for mobile. So they can always consult their complete planning and submit requests.

Shift and workplace planning

Your teams have access to all the information necessary for the smooth running of their working day.

Calendar overview

Chroligo offers a personal employee calendar that is easy for employees to track their work, leave and absences from one central location.
Leave typesIncludes annual leave, sick leave, unpaid leave, maternity leave and more. Anything can be customized.
ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT​Makes it easy for the employees to check their regularity at their workplace. ​​

Holiday Management

Employees can request holiday leave on the go which is automatically sent through to the employer or HR Manager. Once an absence request is complete, the employee is informed, and the schedule is updated automatically. The approved time off becomes visible in the calendar immediately.
Overview of vacation hours ​Vacation hours are accumulated automatically based on contracted or worked hours. ​
LEAVE BALANCE ​In the mobile app, employees can view their current vacation balance, hours used, and vacation accrual.
HANDLING REQUESTS ​Absence requests are received by email or push notification in the mobile app and can be processed immediately.
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